Proud to be a real tuscan farmhouse

The Il Greppo winery located in the Nobile di Montepulciano wine area, is a young company well determined to enhance the peculiarities of this area thanks to the use of selected clones planted in the Greppo lands, particularly suited to the cultivation of vines, as also described in certain historical documents.

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the vineyards


Our vineyards are located in Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Area, on the hills, at about 300 mt. on the sea level with clay soil rich in potassium, yellow sands (tufa), shells and coral fossils. This kind of soil is very important for the grapes and consequently for the wine. Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, the most famous product of this area is well-balanced with a round body and silky tannins and a finishing of mineral notes. This wine, as the Poet Francesco Redi said “d’ogni vino è il Re!” “is the King of all wines!”.

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the wine Cellar


To get a superior wine we start from the vineyard by using eco-compatible treatments, trap-nests with pheromones, by thinning out the bunches, then we proceed in the cellar with a modern and innovative equipment such as the “Ganimede” patented tanks and the traditional wooden tuns, where the temperature is electronically controlled.

Last but not least, we complete the ageing in French oak, Slavonia oak and European mixed oak barrels and barriques , in order to obtain a strong wine, spicy but rounded, delicate, fruity, pleasant but above all …unique.

our wines

Obtaining a superior wine begins in the vineyard with environmentally friendly treatments, pheromone trap nests, bunch thinning, then continues in the cellar with modern and innovative equipment such as the “Ganimede” patent tenks, delestage and traditional wooden vats, all with electronic temperature control. Finally, the aging in French oak barrels and barriques, Slavonian oak and mixed European oak is completed in order to obtain a strong, spicy but round, delicate, fruity, pleasant but above all unmistakable wine


Potrete visitare la nostra azienda dai vigneti alla cantina e degustare
i nostri vini in un’esperienza indimenticabile.

the other products of the Farmhouse

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Pecorino di Fossa

Certe storie assomigliano a cerchi magici, che ogni volta ripropongono, magari sotto una luce nuova, lo stesso disegno incantato…
Il Fossa del Greppo è una di queste storie. Fin dalle sue origini ha imparato a nascondersi, per diversi mesi all’anno, nel buio delle fosse di tufo, accovacciato nel suo pregiato letto di cedro, e scaldato dalla paglia. Per tanti mesi, ogni anno, rimaneva nascosto là sotto, sapendo, però, che un giorno di novembre, ogni volta, sarebbe risorto…
Poi, vuoi per le dinamiche di mercato sempre più veloci ed appiattite, vuoi per negligenza, questa per la gastronomica italiana ha rischiato di scomparire per sempre … Sotterrato, questa volta, non dalla penombra del tufo, ma dalla ben più insidiosa oscurità dell’ oblio. Come detto, però, Il Fossa del Greppo ha, da sempre, avuto la pazienza tra le sue virtù, consapevole del fatto che nel suo destino, dopo mesi di buio, era comunque la luce, a riapparire…


Extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from the cultivars Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino.

The collection of fruits is done manually so you can choose to olive oil to ensure a good oil, and a correct expression, without leaves, avoiding the bitter taste.

With the cold, that is the grinding of the olives at room temperature (15 ° -20 °) is obtained at an oil acidity ‘lower than the traditional.

The extra virgin olive oil is fragrant and elegant taste, ideal for seasoning dishes of Tuscan tradition

The color is green, the taste is fruity, fragrant and slightly acidic

Ml bottles. 250, 500, 750
Tin liter 1.00 3.00


The honey millefiori extracted from a multitude of flowers of the forests, vineyard, olive groves from IL GREPPO estate.

Different color from season to season rich of mineral substances and like in all honey the crystallization is due to a natural phenomenon of the product that is the confirmation of the genuinity and organic quality.