Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano DOCG

Best Selection Of Sangiovese Grapes Fermented In Wood Tanks And Aged Two Years In Oak Barrels. Nice Combination With Red Meat, Aged Cheeses.

Grapes: Prevalence of Sangiovese.
Vineyard’s altitude: 300 m over sea-level.
Ground: of Pliocene origin, made up of clay rich in potassium, of yellow sands (tufa), of crushed and pudding stones mixed up with giant shells, allows to get high quality grapes and hence “Vino Nobile”, “of all wines the king” as the Tuscan poet Francesco Redi defined it.
Plant system: guyot and spur cord.
Plant density: 3300-5000 vine-stocks per hectare.
Micro-climate: a climate marked by dry summers, cooled by periodical hill-breezes and by a long autumn, sometimes allows even the noble rot, that gives a wine that is “pure poetry”.
Vintage: a first selection of the grapes bunches in the vineyard and the manual harvesting assure an excellent product.
Wine making system: a further sorting before a gentle stripping of the grape stalks, a traditional fermentation system in first transition oak barrel-tuns where the temperature is controlled, allow to get a wine that is specially flavoured. The pressing is made by means of a modern Bucher pneumatic press and the decanting is carried out by means of a Ragazzini soft pump.
Physical and chemical evolution: after the alcoholic and malo-lactic fermentation the wine is poured into fine grain medium toasting French oak barriques (Vernou, Seguin Moreau, Remond) and medium capacity oak barrels (Garbellotto), where it stands for some months in underground rooms, sheltered from temperature ranges. The refining in bottles precedes the presentation of the new wine. The wine is then submitted to the judgement of the Chamber of Commerce commission for the D.O.C.G. acknowledgement.
Tasting notes: the wine has an intense ruby red colour, with strong ripe fruit perfumes, its bouquet is enriched thanks to the storage into oak barrels. A full-bodied, well rounded and velvety wine.
Associations: ideal to accompany roasted meat, roast game andtrufflecourses. Excellent with cheeses streaked with green mould.