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They found traces of farm Greppo, part of the Royal Farm Bettolle, since the seventeenth century.
From Quaderni Sinalunghesi (documents of the time), thus describes the farm "Greppo"
"Stay in the care of St. Vincent 's Ascianello, Community Montepulciano worked by the family of 17 persons, with the home worker whose ground floor porch, barn mares cows, steers, winery and bakery also leaning against a hut same house.
Upstairs the house of bricks with a wide balcony and floor “impianellato”, above the dove above the kitchen of that house Fornaciajo.
A kiln to bake clay to make bricks with two roof vents covered by the wildlife supported by two pillars.
Noticed around the furnace took three ground work, vines and trees, including the courtyard where the paving work and the furnace itself.
Both the furnace and its annexes as Fornaciajo house and land remain within the farm 'Greppo'"

The history of the farm is actually much older.
These lands were in fact part of the large properties of the Medici Family of Florence and were organized in the form of farms managed by the "desk of the Royal Possessions" meaning of 'state apparatus who edited the interests of the Princely House.
At the beginning of the second half of 1600 Ferdinando II de 'Medici decided to sell its four best farms Order of the Knights of St. Stephen.
Knightly Order of papal foundation established in 1561 and consecrated by the Bull "Quae His" of 1562 by Pope Pius IV. The Grand Magistrate was given in trust to the Grand Ducal House of Tuscany and the first group was Cosimo I de 'Medici.

Hence the use of the cross at St. Stephen's' inside of our company logo.
The shell and coral, which form the crown and the branches represent the origin instead of soil Greppo land, dating from the Late Pliocene, when these lands were in fact seabed covered in corals and sediments


On the road of the Nobile wine, between Montepulciano and Siena, you can spend healthy vacation at Il Greppo farm holidays.
You will be able to taste typical foods, to taste good wines, in the apartments with swimming pool.

Farmhouse in Montepulciano

Holiday apartments with swimming pool